The class will weave a journey through different exercises (some solo scores and often with a partner), eventually flowing into the free play. The physical drills are orientated towards playfulness and cultivating a sense of sensitive and present awareness. Through that we focus on recognizing, acknowledging and recycling the storage of unnecessary hidden tensions and blockages in our body-mind-systems into a more self-empowered presence.

To “stop doing” and learn how to sense and be present allows the body to re-function organically and efficiently, while the mind starts interfering less and less at each step we take.

We use play as an inherent quality of human beings. Through the other, with the other, we can flow, embrace the challenges, discover further about who we are (not); eventually embodying a state of non-resistance, towards ourselves first.

Topics we engage with:

  • falling as a literal and existential practice
  • our relationship towards gravity
  • the quality of non-resistance
  • preserving structural integrity – the navigation of tension and collapse and the sweet spot in between
  • (how to keep/create) connection, with or without the physical contact
  • confrontation & collaboration
  • play as an inherent fundamental quality

The workshop is open for all levels, there is no specific knowledge needed. However there is a lot of falling (from standing, walking, sitting, in between movements) during the practice, therefore we recommand a good physical condition. If you are not sure and want more information, feel free to write us an e-mail.


Lena Maya Turek has been studying with Bruno Caverna (founder of Play-Fight and Formless Arts) for 6 years, using and embracing it as a way of relating to life, both on and off the dance space. This has been a vital support in understanding patterns, resistances and openings inside the body and the mind.

Since 2019 she is facilitating the Play Fight Study Group in Vienna, always continuing to learn more and more about internal and external movements, both in herself and in others.


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