Animal Flow

is a quadrupedal movement training 


Animal Flow is a quadrupedal movement training system using full-body movements in variable loads, joint angles, and multiple planes of motion, creating different shapes and patterns along the way making for a strong resilient body.

It is designed to create a strong connection to body, mind, and soul. Its sole purpose is to invite you to explore the way you move through space, by improving the mindful connection, proprioceptive communication, and physiological function of your bio motor human animal abilities! This system draws from elements of locomotive patterns, breakdance, parkour, gymnastics & hand balancing. The structure of Animal Flow is based on 6 components:

  1. Wrist Mobilisations – injury prevention and the challenges of quadrupedal movement
  2. Activations – priming the system for movement
  3. Form Specific Stretches – Strength in motion
  4. Travelling Forms – Animal Locomotive Movements
  5. Switches & Transitions – dynamic movements linked together to form flow
  6. FLOW – Choreography, Call-Out and Free Flow

Animal Flow is for everyone looking to start their movement journey or strengthen it along the way. What I am focusing on at beat1060 is the niche of Dancers/Musical Artists/Theatre Performers, Artists of all types, however it is still open to everyone wanting to have an experience in animal flow. At its very core, Animal Flow is a system that bridges the gap between all other physical practices!

In this 6 Part Series you will learn the BEAST FLOW, which will be broken down in parts and eventually combined to form the Final Flow. You will also learn how to interact and integrate Animal Flow to your current style of movement!

If you are a curious open-minded mover, then Animal Flow is certainly for you!

Flow with you soon!


Bald wieder bei uns im beat1060!