The Bounce

Learn  „Hustle Dance“ and „Stalking“ …


In this workshop you will learn „Hustle Dance“ and „Stalking“.

“Hustle Dance” in the Club Dance context

The Hustle is a partner social dance and has its origins in New York’s disco and club scene in the 1970ies and was created in the LatinX communities of NYC.

Throughout the late 1970ies the most exciting form was done by the club dancers and competitors of New York City who performed the 3-count Hustle (&1-2-3.). The New York Hustle dancers from the 1970’s paved the way for the rest of the Hustle community across the United States. Throughout the late 1970’s and 1980’s, as it continued to evolve, Hustle began to borrow from other dance styles from which it took travelling movements and pivots, as well as other partner dance forms such as Swing, and the Latin rhythm dances. Even today the dance continues to evolve, yet it has never lost its basic count since the mid-1970’s of “&1-2-3”.

Since the early 2010s Jeff Selby (House and Club Legend in NYC) has been sharing his version “New Style Hustle” within the international street dance community worldwide. This led to a resurrection of partner dance within the contemporary club dance scene.

“Stalking” in the Club Dance context

House Dance is a social dance form and is inevitably linked to club culture and exchanges on the dancefloor.

“Stalking” can be described as a method of interacting on the dancefloor within club dance styles, especially in House dance. It’s a way of playfully “listen” to and engage with a partner’s dance, rhythms and dynamics and spontaneously react to each other. Like in many other African diasporic dance practices, the “Call & Response” pattern is setting the framework for freestyled interaction.

The name “stalking” comes from the movement structure that keeps going front and back in a straight line, while reacting through rhythmical frame that the music provides. One person is “leading” and giving suggestions of the movement and rhythmical patterns, while the other person is instantly following and reacting spontaneously.


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