Cuban Contemporary


Afro-Cuban Yorùbá Dances: Eshu-Elegbara

Eshu-Elegbara is one of the Orishas, the deities of the Yorùbá pantheon, who are worshipped in Africa and the diaspora of slavery, especially in Cuba and Brazil. He is the one responsible for the communication with the spiritual world and is always the first deity to be called upon in the rituals. We will get to know this Orisha and learn his Cuban dances, which reflect his energy.

Timba Musicality

Timba is an innovative and open musical genre that emerged out of the Cuban son and salsa, inspired by Jazz, Funk, and Afro-Cuban percussive rhythms. The dance can be very playful and creative and is based on the musical dynamics and accents, which we will learn to understand and incorporate.


This class is based on the Modern technique and integrates elements from African and Cuban popular dance. Students learn to understand and integrate these movements and develop rhythmic abilities. We work on the dynamic undulation, which moves like a wave from the pelvis up the spine towards the head. We concentrate on the isolation of body parts to increase the strength of muscle segments and learn to control them. Afro Contemporary adds new expressions to the vocabulary of the dancers!

Afro-Cuban Arará Dances: Hevioso

Arará was the name given to the Gbè-language speaking slaves in Cuba and included various ethnic groups from the area of today’s Republic of Benin and Togo, like the Fon and Ewe. Their deities are called Vodun and Hevioso is the important god of thunder, sky and lightning. The Arará music is defined through a typical singing to a set of peg-drums, a variety of rhythms and many dance steps, which we well get to know in this class.

Die Workshops können gesamt aber auch gerne einzeln gebucht werden!
Preis für 2 Tage (á 2 Stunden): 4 Einheiten vom Block oder € 70; Preis für einen Workshop (1 Stunde): 1 Einheit vom Block oder € 18


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