Visuals and Movement

The Perspective of visual-arts in Dance with focus on photography and film – bring your phone camera!

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How can visual art transform into movement and how can we transform into visual art?

In this workshop we will focus on methods of visual art, learn its vocabulary and translate this know-how into movement through exploration and improvisation. Coming from the field of photography, I will give you insights into visual compositions, encourage you to find new perspectives with your inner eye and also help you to capture these inspirations with tools you have also in your everyday life like your phone camera. We will analyse our different approaches with visuals and begin a process of exploration through open discussions with our bodies and the material we have captured.

This workshop aims to have an open conversation about combining different areas of art and finding out what creative outcomes we can achieve when we dare to try something new and approach our gaze and mindset differently. What seems to be static has more movement in it than we think.

So bring your phone camera & let’s explore with light, colors, forms, reflections and bodies!

Der Workshop ist nicht aufbauend (aber die Teilnahme an beiden Tagen ist empfehlenswert)!


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