Iris Omari Ansong

Persönlicher Weg:

Iris is a dancer and performer born and based in Vienna, working towards a dance practice that is rooted in pleasure and emancipation. Fascinated by the plurality of dance forms, she started engaging with black and afro-diasporic dance languages like Dancehall, Afro/Afro House and Voguing while completing her studies in Contemporary Dance. The exchange with dancers from different street and social dance communities outside of the Contemporary Dance cosmos, greatly contributed to developing her decolonial stance in dance and beyond.

As a black, queer, non-disabled, cis-woman, her working approach is queerfeminist and anti-discriminatory.  She draws a lot of inspiration from pleasure activists like adrienne maree brown, che che luna, and the pioneering Audre Lorde. In her journey of Female* Dancehall and Twerk dancer Lucille Aires (BR/TR) is her mentor. Iris explores facets of Pleasure Activism in her “Claiming Pleasure Classes” and facilitates a space for FLINTA*/LGBTQIA+.


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