Lines & Body Control

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These classes will consist of different methods and concepts to help you isolate body parts individually and teach you how to use them in your dance, providing more depth and dimensions to your movement. Those methods will help you to create a cleaner and more controlled approach to your dance.

We will explore the different possibilities to create forms, shapes and angles within the fundamental techniques and approaches of Popping. Hand movement is more important than most dancers think, hence why we will go through different approaches of letting the hand lead the rest of our body and isolation techniques with main focus on the wrist. How to create illusions, a character or a story will also be a part of this class.


Basics/Freestyle/ Concepts: Break down of movement methods, muscle control and basics. Ideas and concepts to work with individually during the class to get an idea on how to use those methods/work with it on my own at home.

Tutting Choreography: the Foundation is Popping with focus on Tutting, Hand Animation und Isolation.


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