Samantha Petz (Sam)

Persönlicher Weg:

My name is Samantha Petz born in Mutare Zimbabwe. My background movement from my childhood to young adult comes from Acrobatics and Gymnastics, floor being my most favourite, because I felt freedom to flow in my element.

Later in years I took to Taebo and eventually Personal Training/Fitness Instructor and finally found my passion in Animal Flow, which has helped me to connect deeply to myself using this movement system therapeutically and expressively through free flow. I learnt that fundamentals matter and technique is key to letting go and being one with the floor aka Flow!

I first began my Animal Flow Journey in 2019 when I was about to hit a turning point in my life. I realised there was something missing, I was pouring so much energy into others, that I neglected my personal needs. Thankfully Animal Flow landed in my path by which I am truly grateful for!

I am Regional Leader for Vienna Austria and a certified Advanced Animal Flow Instructor, Animal Flow Coach, teaching 1:1, and Workshops Co-ordinator for my region. I teach Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Animal Flow mixing and mashing them up into Flows.


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