Nelly Matevosyan

Persönlicher Weg:

Originally from Armenia, Nelly has a diverse cultural and educational background. She has studied music, including various instruments, and holds two master degrees in linguistics. However, her most authentic language has always been dance. Nelly feels a strong connection to African and African-American dance cultures and rhythms, which have inspired her to develop her own style and approach to Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dancing.

Nelly is an active member of the cultural association IG HOP, where she works to promote the connection between jazz music and dance scenes in Vienna, showcasing authentic jazz dance as an alive and evolving art form.

As a teacher, Nelly is known for her contagious energy and enthusiasm. Nelly believes that jazz dance is about more than just executing specific steps; it’s about cultivating a sense of joy and freedom through movement. With almost a decade of experience teaching solo and partner jazz dances, Nelly focuses on empowering her students to embrace their individuality and find their own connection to dance.


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