Afro Integration

Afro traditional elements from Uganda and Ruanda …


Afro is a general word for African dances. We have Afro dances which are the social movements trending around the world. But also we have Afro roots “indigenous” background steps with bigger stories for their existence. And this is where most Afro social steps derived from. Roots inspire trends 🙂


This workshop focuses on minimalism of movements with gradual and controlled energy directing this energy from inside us to the outer world.

Within the element of Afro roots “indigenous” or traditional elements that carry history and values of the cultural background. I will share Afro traditional elements from Uganda and Ruanda. We shall integrate these steps and with our uniques feels, embark on exploring the Afro dance influence.

Around the world is another word for 360 angles where we shall contemplate to finding precision in transitioning to different feels, grooves and pictures(non-visual) but felt.

Minimalism is key to calmness.

Looking forward to taking you on a journey of exploration!

Level: Es braucht Erfahrung in einem anderen Tanzstil (nicht für absolute Tanz-Anfänger*innen geeignet)

Der gesamte Workshop ist nicht aufbauend, aber die Tage Montag + Dienstag sowie Mittwoch + Donnerstag sind aufbauend gestaltet.


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