Feeling safe(r) with House Dance

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In this intensive weekend with Farah, you will be diving into the movement language of House Dance.

After fully immersing into various grooves and steps, the goal is to feel safe(r) in your body in order to express yourself freely in a cypher. Creating awareness about the collective responsibility of a group and the beauty of feeling free and expressing yourself in a safe(r) setting is essential.

  • How can you spark your creativity within your own expression of House Dance by letting your body speak without restrictions, guilt, shame, judgement …?
  • How can you find your „style“ within the dance form?
  • What is your need to speak about through your body?

Hierarchies and norms that can limit us in dance also exist within the dance community – let’s break them down together!

The Workshop is open to all levels, but we recommend a bit of House Dance experience.


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