Alexandra Filippidou

Persönlicher Weg:

Alexandra Filippidou also known as Alex is a movement artist, dance educator and performer currently based in Greece. Her main style is based on and around Waving while also embracing and implementing different techniques and mentalities that she was taught throughout the years.

From the early age of 8 she has trained in different dance styles such as ballet, jazz, Latin and various street dance styles. In 2016 Waving became her primary focus as the love for creating illusion while also telling a story with movement grew really big on her. What matters deeply to her and it’s also one of her main goals is to be able to make people feel something when they witness her dance & touch people’s hearts with her movement.

For Alex Waving is very spiritual and she pours heart, mind and soul into it; she sees it as a healing space and it is what she also aspires to transmit to others through her teachings, diving deep and discovering one’s self through movement. Nowadays she travels a lot around the globe judging battles and teaching workshops, sharing her own approach and mindset on Waving, movement & life in general.


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