Instant Composition

… ways of being together


Free jazz, politics, a forest. What do these things have in common?

A number of players react to one another, depend on each other, coexist and thus co-create in time and space. They act by certain rules, with certain intentions and within certain limitations – and we can be thrilled, touched or moved by the result.

In this workshop, we will tune our senses to observe the poetic interplay of randomness and choice. We will explore a set of tools for composing a dance, as well as perspectives on composition. Ultimately, we examine ways of being together. All participants will be both performing and observing. We’ll create a number of small pieces of art and then reflect on them.

This workshop requires no specific dance technique or experience. We welcome movers of all levels of experience. However, we will be using our moving bodies to communicate and interact, so you should feel comfortable to invite being seen.


Bald wieder im beat!