Movements and Concepts

What you get:

This intensive will have two focus points.

  • 1st Movements: Here you will learn different playful and functional exercises (coordination, balance, mobility etc.). This can be useful when it comes to developing your awareness on the inner movements of your body.
  • 2nd Concepts: Here we will focus on different concepts and techniques from dance forms like Hip-Hop, House etc. The exercises will focus on musical interpretations, timing, dynamic, space etc.

The main idea will be to get an awareness about the fine bridge and difference between using only movement and having a focus on the body vs. using movements with mental concept while keeping an active connection with the music through your body.

Afterwards there will be an open session, based on donations until 19:00. For the session no registration is necessary.


Movements and Concepts
Limitierter Kurs
Mátyás Kántor
Sonntag 04.08.24
16:00 - 18:00
Level: All Levels
Nächster Termin: 30.06.2024 | Vertretung:
Großer Saal
Limitierter Kurs

Mátyás Kántor: Mátyás is a multidisciplinary artist from Hungary ...  mehr
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This intensive will have two focus points ...  mehr