Mátyás Kántor

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Mátyás is a multidisciplinary artist from Hungary based in Vienna. While his movement base lies in Breaking, he has since specialized in Hip Hop and House Dance. With over a decade of experience as a DJ, Mátyás continuously expands his knowledge on various sounds and their culture.

In recent years, Mátyás also has had the opportunity of performing in theatrical contexts. Notably, he worked as a dancer/performer in Clara Bajado’s innovative piece, “Inevitable”, during Malmö Dance Week. He has also participated in performances that aim to blend different styles, forms, and art fields. For example: “You Are The Flow (HUN)”, Performatory during Flavourama (AT).

Throughout his career, he remained dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience gained from 16+ years of exploration within street and club dance forms. Mátyás is passionate about helping to build and give back to people and the culture that has gave him a lot.


Morning Movements
Special ab 13.05.2024
Mátyás Kántor
10:00 - 11:30
Level: All Levels
Nächster Termin: 27.05.2024 | Vertretung:
Großer Saal
Special ab 13.05.2024
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Mátyás Kántor: Mátyás is a multidisciplinary artist from Hungary ...  mehr
Morning Movements: This class is intended to give you a gentle energy boost gained by moving in the morning ...  mehr
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